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System breakdowns can be expensive! An after-hours service call, plus parts and labor, can all add up to a big repair bill for your furnace or boiler. Protect not only your investment, but your wallet as well by signing up for one of our Heating System Service & Maintenance Plans today!

Heating System Maintenance Plans

Home heating systems and fuel storage tanks can be a big investment, and the UPGRADE & SAVE Rebate Program can help homeowners offset some of the cost of a new installation.

Offers Pennsylvania homeowners up to $500* when they install new, higher-efficiency oil-fired furnaces or boilers and/or a new above ground oil storage tank.

*Available Offers:

  • Rebates between $250-$500 are available for replacement/upgrade of an existing oil-fired furnace or boiler to a higher efficiency model.
  • Rebates between $250-$500 are available for the installation of a new above ground oil storage tank to replace an above ground or underground tank.
  • Program runs from April 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020 on a first-come-first-served basis and limited availability.

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Looking to Upgrade Your Heating System?

High-efficiency heating equipment solutions for your home and business needs!

Rely on Advantage Oil Company to keep your home or commercial space comfortably warm, even during the most frigid of winters! Our certified master technicians are experts at installing and servicing a comprehensive line of heating equipment products. 

Heating bills seem a little too high? Contact us for a comprehensive heating system evaluation. Our technicians will:

  • Evaluate the overall condition and age of your heating system
  • Diagnose the reason(s) why your system failed
  • Identify the services or parts needed to make your system reliable and safe
  • Repair your system to work safely and efficiently
  • Provide maintenance services to extend the life of your system

If it’s time to replace your system, we can install a new, high-efficiency furnace or boiler that could save you as much as 35% on your annual energy bills.

In addition to boilers and furnaces from top manufacturers like Energy Kinetics, Slant/Fin, and Boyertown, we also provide installation services for the following:

Heating System Types & How They Work

Heat Distribution

Heat is distributed in an oil-fired heating system in one of three ways: warm air through vents, hot water through baseboards, or steam through radiators. Thermostats sense when the room temperature has fallen below your desired setting, and they send a signal to your heating system to provide more heat for your home.

Once your oil burner has been engaged, heating oil from your oil tank travels to the burner by way of a pump where it gets injected into the burner via a fuel nozzle that atomizes it into a fine mist to be ignited in the combustion chamber. 

Heating System Types

In a warm-air heating system, your furnace heats air. The blower then sends the heated air up through ducts and out of the vents in your floors, walls, or ceilings. The air gets drawn back down to the furnace through a return duct, and the cycle repeats. 

There are two types of water-based systems: hot water and steam. Water for both systems is heated in either a cast iron or steel boiler before it is dispersed throughout your home. 

In a hot water system, the heated water is circulated throughout the house by radiators or baseboards.

In a steam system, water turns to steam and rises through pipes to the radiators.

Emissions from the combustion of fuel and air exit the system through a flue pipe that runs out of your home through the chimney.

Latest Projects

Slant/Fin Boiler Installation

Project Date: August 20, 2020

Project Details: Installation of new Slant/Fin boiler for a customer wishing to upgrade their Burnham boiler that was over 30 years old. Also made zone valves accessible as previous ones were in the ceiling.

Before & After pictures at right.