Fuel Delivery Policies

Minimum Delivery Amounts

There is a minimum delivery requirement of 150 gallons on all “Will Call” accounts. Deliveries of 100-149 gallons are charged $0.20 per gallon above our daily discounted price. Deliveries of 75-100 gallons are charged $0.20 per gallon above our daily discounted price plus an additional trucking fee. Advantage Oil will not make any deliveries under 75 gallons.

Delivery Information

At the time of your delivery, the delivery driver will leave a metered delivery ticket/invoice. The ticket will show the delivery date, product delivered, number of gallons delivered, price per gallon, and total balance due including any applicable fees and taxes.

All New Customer accounts are subject to a tank inspection upon their first delivery, and future tank inspections will be made on an annual basis. If your tank ever fails this inspection, fuel deliveries will not be made until any issues are corrected.

As our customer, you agree to keep your driveway/walkway passable and clear of ice and snow during the winter season. If our delivery truck is unable to get within 130 feet of the storage tank or fill pipe, we will not be able to make the delivery. Our drivers are all professionals and they know the capabilities of their delivery trucks. For driveways that are not clear of ice and snow, or are not readily passable for any other reason, it is the decision of the driver whether or not an attempt will be made to make the delivery. Management will back our driver’s decision 100%

Delivery Methods - "Will Call" and Automatic

Will Call: When filling out our “New Customer Agreement” you may choose to be on “Will Call” for your fuel deliveries. Being on “Will Call” for fuel deliveries means that you are responsible for monitoring the amount of fuel in your tank and will not receive a delivery unless you call us and place an order. It is important that you keep in mind that our delivery trucks may not be in your area every day and as a general rule, we must be notified at least 2 days before the desired delivery date. We encourage our “Will Call” customers to call for a fuel delivery before their tank gets critically low. To place an order when your fuel level drops to a ¼ of a tank is the safe thing to do. If you run out and call and place an emergency same day order for a fuel delivery, an off-route fee of $50 could be incurred. After-hours/weekend emergency deliveries are subject to a $175.00 Emergency Delivery Fee. Advantage Oil encourages customers to go on an Automatic delivery schedule and to use our convenient 10 month Budget Payment Plan, which will spread your bills out evenly.

Automatic Delivery: Deliveries are made on a period schedule or a degree day-based system. Automatic Delivery is a free service offered to all credit approved customers and offers many benefits such as not having to schedule deliveries, not having to check the fuel gauge, and additional discounts. This service is intended to assist customers from running out of fuel, however with variables such as inclement weather, increased fuel consumption, and issues in unattended homes, automatic delivery is not a guarantee of never running out of fuel. In the unlikely event you do run out of fuel when you’re on automatic delivery, we have our delivery personnel standing by 24/7 to fill your tank without a special delivery charge (which you would incur in this scenario if you were a “Will Call” customer).

Payment Terms

All new customer accounts must be C.O.D. for their first three (3) deliveries. Established “Will Call” and Automatic Delivery accounts can choose to pay C.O.D. or payment can be mailed to our office. Automatic delivery accounts are also required to keep a valid credit card on file with us. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, check, ACH, credit card and money orders. Payment is due within ten (10) days of your delivery date. Payments made after that will be subject to a Late Fee of an additional $0.10 per gallon. Account balances
over thirty (30) days are considered “delinquent” and will be subject to a Finance Charge of 1½%. Accounts with returned checks are assessed a $35 Returned Check Fee. Please note that delinquent accounts and/or accounts with a history of returned checks will be required to satisfy any balance owed prior to another fuel delivery being made and will also be placed on C.O.D. for all future deliveries. Customers that wish to pay via credit card or ACH must have a Credit Card Authorization Form or ACH Debit Authorization Form on file with us.